Your Trip Street Photo Tour of Naples. Discovery Street, food and more.

Our photo walk will begin in Piazza Bellini in the heart of the historic center of Naples. After introducing ourselves we can choose to go on a less touristic route to discover the most hidden beauties or choose to go to historical places. We will take lots of photos, and we will talk about the basic rules of photography. At the end of the tour we will stop for a beer or a glass of wine. You will see Naples through the eyes of those who were born here and know their land deeply.

There are various paths that you can choose. Walk vertically from the Vomero to the historic center through the famous Spaccanapoli. The classic route that includes the squares and the most famous neighborhoods (Piazza San Domenico, Del Gesù, Quartiere Sanità e Vergini).

The path towards historic buildings and that of Street Art.


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